time & money.

Optimize your bills.

  • • I analyze how much you pay
      and how much you could save.
  • • I switch you to better providers.
  • • I stabilize and unify all of your
Polaroo - Your bill guru

What I'll do for you.


I'm Polaroo,
your bill guru.

Polaroo video Polaroo video
Safe money, hassle free.

Safe money,
hassle free.

I work with providers
with the best values,
terms and prices.

  • Renewable energiesRenewable
  • No hidden costsNo hidden
  • No surprise billsNo surprise

Focus on your

I read the fine print for you.
I manage your contracts for you.
I manage everything for you.

  • No paperworkNo paperwork
  • No stressNo stress
  • Under your controlUnder your control
Pay one monthly bill.

Pay one
monthly bill.

Simplify your life.

  • Your balance, without spikesYour balance,
    without spikes
  • Your payments, controlledYour payments,
  • All your expenses, unifiedAll your

Currents Services

  • Water
  • Mantainance
  • Gas
  • Solar panels
  • Electricity
  • Electric vehicle
  • Repairs

Comming soon

  • Internet
  • Phone
  • VoD
  • Gym
  • Insurances

Take a look
at our providers

  • holaluz
  • Aigües de Barcelona
  • Gana Energía
  • Canal Isabel II
  • HomeServe
  • Sorea

Don't worry,
your security
is my priority.

I comply with the strictest standards
in the world.

  • Polaroo treats your Personal Data securely and confidentially.Polaroo treats your Personal Data securely and confidentially.
  • Polaroo implements Encryption and Security Technologies with the highest standards.Polaroo implements Encryption and Security Technologies with the highest standards.
  • Polaroo follows the strictest Privacy Law Policies implemented in the world.Polaroo follows the strictest Privacy Law Policies implemented in the world.

Invite a friend, you will receive 10€ in your balance!


What our clients say about us...

  • "Absolutely wonderful! I am not managing bills ever again. I was amazed by the simplicity"

    Laura Mateu
  • "I haven't wasted another morning with endless calls with providers. Polaroo does everything for me, safes me money and time!! Thank you Polaroo!"

    Maite Subias
  • "I gave my bills and Polaroo did the rest. Simply great! I'm not managing bills ever again."

    Oriol Tintoré
  • "It's never been so easy to manage all my bills. With Polaroo I'm on the best hands"

    Marta Miravet

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Awards, Events & News

Polaroo has won prestigious awards, both national and international, and has appeared numerous news articles.

  • Santander
  • EU Startups
  • La Vanguardia
  • BBVA
  • El Economista
  • Entrepreneur
  • Europa Press
  • Diario de Ibiza
  • Finanzas
  • El punt avui
  • Noticias Bancarias
  • Barcelona Startup Week
  • El Periódico
  • El País
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