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Maximize profits and boost energy efficiency

Streamline your Retail, Office, or Commercial Space Supply Management: Save time, cut costs, and power up automation.

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What they say about us:
Alberto Bohonme
"Essential to manage your business. It is worth every euro. Absolute peace of mind in every way: control, order, and if there are problems or incidents they solve them by sending a WhatsApp."
Alberto Bohonme
Director @Glovo
Saved time
Saved money
Efficiency increase
Carles López Parals
"Polaroo has created a system in which managing and controlling consumption and other company costs becomes easier, an ally to find the best prices and all this with a personalized and close attention. We are very happy."
Carles López Parals
Manager @CrecCoworking
Saved time
Saved money
Efficiency increase

Your growth partner for business success

Delegate the management of recurring services in your retail spaces and offices, such as electricity, gas, internet, water, insurance, and more – we've got it covered. Invest your time in tasks that ensure more effective administration for your business.

 All-in-on data hub

Centralize your invoices on a single platform

Experience the convenience of a singular space for managing services, suppliers, contracts, and invoices for all your offices.

Digitize your invoices, integrate with ERP systems, and make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence

Comprehensive reports with all the insights

Analyze the profitability of your assets in seconds.

Track the consumption and costs of each warehouse, store, or office, and project costs with ease.

Maximised Profitability

We fine-tune your contracts and costs

Entrust us with the intricacies of the energy market and supply tariffs.

Our team routinely reviews your contracts to ward off surprises

Unlocked growth

Outsource supply management to experts

Let our specialists handle everything for you – a single point of contact.

Forget about registrations, cancellations, changes of ownership, incidents, or claims. Generate detailed operational reports per asset, saving time in every process.

Try it free for 30 days!

Add efficiency to your supplier management.

Activation in 48h
Cancel at any time
No commitment and no credit card
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Transforming business with innovation in Sustainability and Social Responsibility (ESG)

We help companies with warehouses, premises, offices and other types of real estate assets to manage, optimise and control their costs and consumption, transforming all their real estate assets into green.

Try it free for 30 days!

Contribute to a greener and more responsible future

Decrease your carbon footprint
Optimize the energy consumption of your business
Engage greener suppliers with Polaroo
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Features that elevate your everyday

Explore the game-changing features of our platform that hundreds of companies are already leveraging to centralize, control, and save on the essential supplies for their stores, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, factories...

Information Extraction

Initiate user generation within the service provider's client area.

Digitize data from all your invoices using AI for extraction and analysis.

Extracted invoice data includes categorization of expenditures, consumption patterns, and payments

Incident Management

Handle unlimited incidents with suppliers or tariffs.
Inquire about suppliers and services (consumption details, recent invoices, general contract conditions, data privacy, or market-related queries).
Lodge complaints about inaccurate invoices.

Unified information hub

Access the control panel where you can effortlessly delve into all your information.

Compile all your invoices in PDF format in one accessible location, available at all times.

Delegated Payment Service

Analysis of costs for the last 12 months and calculation of a flat rate for a single monthly payment.

Handle the payment heavy lifting – we settle the bills with your providers on your behalf.

Cost Optimization

Identify suppliers by zones.

Regularly review tariffs to ensure you're not overpaying.

Analyze optimization options for electrical power.

Change Management

Switch service providers and contract types (time-of-use, 3.0, regulated, free market...).

Modify power levels, billing details, ownership, and email addresses.

Contract services for a new location, or relocation.

Personalized communication

Receive monthly invoices via email in a compressed folder and an Excel sheet with all expenses extracted for accounting purposes.

Stay informed with a monthly newsletter featuring industry insights.

A before and after experience

Our comprehensive supplier management service for retailers is what you need to enhance profitability and grow seamlessly.

Without Polaroo

Data extraction and analysis chaos: manual, slow, and cumbersome.
Blind decisions: unsure which provider, market, or tariff to choose for cost optimization.
Chaotic tracking: controlling changes in tariffs and consumption is complex.
Diminished profitability: unmonitored costs impact the margin of your restaurants...
Limited insight: decision-making is hindered by a lack of clear data = business intelligence.
Reactive management: dealing with fires and incidents with suppliers consumes your daily time and energy.
Valueless activities: repetitive tasks of registrations, cancellations, changes, and claims without expertise.
Tedious administrative management: hours spent on repetitive processes.
Complex access: multiple logins to access supplier portals lead to frustration.

With Polaroo

Automate your invoices: digitize and access all invoices from all providers.
Strategic decisions: Polaroo takes the lead, analyzing the market to select tailor-made providers, tariffs, and services.
Gain intelligence and control: access cost, payment, and consumption data per supply and asset.
Guaranteed profitability: constant cost optimization ensures the best profit margin for your restaurants or cafes...
Total control: greater visibility over your costs, expenses, and consumption in the Horeca sector, and its evolution.
Effective delegation: we handle incident management and communication with suppliers, so your efforts focus on growth.
Dedicated manager: tasks like registrations, cancellations, modifications, and claims are handled by an expert manager, allowing you to dedicate your time to what truly matters.
Lightened workload: a significant reduction in workload, from invoice collection to tax procedures.
Unified platform: centralize all your data in one place. It's that easy.
Market leaders trust us
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Our wealth of experience across diverse industries has allowed us to anticipate your queries.

How does the free trial work?

For a limited time, we're offering a one-month free trial with no obligations. This trial grants you access to the platform, an optimization analysis of your current contracts, and a dedicated account manager. After the trial period, you can decide whether to continue or opt out.

Is there any long-term commitment?

No, our clients aren't bound by any long-term contracts. They have the freedom to discontinue the service at their convenience. Our impressive retention rate of over 90% is solely based on the value our clients perceive in the service provided.

What's included in our pricing at Polaroo?

We've got a range of plans tailored to your asset volume and business needs.Our Hawking Plan is the epitome of comprehensive management for your supplies, offering a suite of benefits, such as:

- Automatic invoice digitization.
- Advanced data analytics.
- Reports with aggregated data.
- Contract analysis.
- Proactive cost optimization.
- Streamlined handling of activations/deactivations, changes, and incidents.
- Dedicated account manager.

Visit the Rates tab and explore all the services bundled with the Hawking Plan. Elevate your supply management game with Polaroo!

What features stand out?

The actual reading tool. It is useful for any company that wants to know what it consumes on a daily basis or during specific periods. Even if you are facing monthly consumption estimates due to not having a smart meter and constant misinformation about what you are paying. 

The advanced data analysis tool or calculator, which is used to understand costs and consumption by periods, properties and supplies in a disaggregated way. We leave you a video summary of how to use it here.

Concerned about data protection?

Fear not! Polaroo operates on a cutting-edge cloud-based solution with robust security measures. We're talking password encryption, automatic backups, and relentless threat monitoring.

If your question isn't covered here, reach out to us at
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Guaranteed ROI

Service Profitability Guarantee

Our service fees are paid only with the time and money savings generated. If this is not the case, we will give you a bonus until it happens.