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Maximize the profitability of your holiday homes

More Properties, More Power! Polaroo makes managing numerous service providers and invoices a breeze. Don't let unmonitored costs eat away at your margins.

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Short term rentals - EN
"El uso de Polaroo nos facilita el cálculo de suministros y podemos tener disponibles las facturas con facilidad, evitando entrar a cada proveedor para descargarlas."
Short term rentals - EN
Departamento de Contabilidad de AB Apartment Barcelona
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Short term rentals - EN
“En EnjoyApartments usamos Polaroo para muchos de nuestros apartamentos. Hemos podido optimizar mucho los costes de los suministros. El equipo de soporte está a un nivel muy alto. Siempre buscando soluciones, ofreciendo ayuda de verdad! Muy contentos!”
Short term rentals - EN
Founder & CEO @ EnjoyApartments
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Mayor eficiencia

Elevate your Vacation Rental Units: grive growth and enhance productivity!

Simplify your routine by efficiently managing recurring services, such as electricity, gas, internet, water, insurance, and beyond, in your vacation rentals. Optimize your time, reduce costs and minimize risks.

All-in-one data hub

All your invoices in one platform

All your invoices are meticulously organized, with amounts and consumption data expertly broken down and ready to integrate into your accounting system. 

Integrate with ERP systems and make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence

Real-time reporting and analysis

Analyze the profitability of your vacation rentals in seconds. 

Track the consumption and expenses of each apartment, effortlessly projecting costs without complications.

Maximised Profitability

Cost optimization at its best

Wondering about the best choices for electricity, water, internet, or gas rates and providers? Managing tariff changes becomes obsolete with Polaroo.

Polaroo assures you that you're not overpaying, providing peace of mind. Our team regularly reviews your contracts to prevent any unexpected surprises.

Growth Unlocked

We take care of management

Entrust the oversight of essential supplies to a dedicated manager, liberating up to 40 hours per month for every 10 VUTs.

Benefit from our expertise and bid farewell to complexities associated with registrations, cancellations, owner changes, incidents, or claims. Receive detailed operational reports per asset, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.

Try Polaroo for Free for 30 Days

Seeking to enhance your vendor management efficiency?

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Transforming tourism rentals through ESG innovation

We help multi-asset companies to control, reduce and optimize their energy consumption for a greener tomorrow.

Try Polaroo free for 30 days

Contribute to a more sustainable vacation rental

Reduce your carbon footprint
Optimize your energy consumption
Contract clean energy suppliers
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Tailored to the VR industry's needs

Uncover the power of our vacation rental platform, already harnessed by hundreds of businesses to centralize, control, and save on essential supplies.

Information extraction

Streamlined user generation within the service provider's client area.

Data digitization for all your invoices using AI, enabling efficient extraction for analysis.

Categorization of expenses, consumption, and payments for your VUTs, derived from the data extracted from invoices.

Incident resolution

Effortlessly handle any issues with water, electricity, gas, internet, or telephone services across all your properties.

Inquire about rates and services, including consumption details, recent invoices, contract terms, data privacy, and market-related queries. 

We specialize in rectifying inaccurate billing statements promptly.

Data centralization

Gain access to a dynamic control panel where you can effortlessly explore comprehensive insights into your vacation properties. 

Consolidate all your property invoices in PDF format, conveniently accessible in one centralized location, available at your fingertips.

Delegated payment service

Authorize us to handle payments to suppliers on your behalf. 

Conduct a comprehensive cost analysis of the past 12 months and calculate a competitive tariff, providing a consolidated monthly payment solution.

Cost Optimization

Conduct in-depth energy consumption studies. Receive tailored recommendations for optimizing electrical power. 

Identify and evaluate region-specific service providers.

Analyze energy companies and regularly review their rates to ensure you're always on the best terms.

Provider switch management

Direct communication channels with service providers.

Facilitate smooth transitions between providers and different contract types (time-of-use, 3.0, regulated, free market, etc.). 

Manage changes in power levels, billing details, ownership, and email addresses. 

Service contracting (new house, local, I'm moving...).

Billing and services Reports

Receive a compressed folder of monthly invoices via email, along with an Excel sheet detailing all expenses for streamlined accounting. 

Stay informed with a monthly newsletter covering industry updates. 

Engage in energy consultations for personalized insights into your consumption patterns.

Benefits for everyone!

Whether you're managing supplies for your vacation properties or not, our comprehensive vacation rental supplier management service is the key to elevating your profitability.

If you handle and pay for basic supplies

Boost the profitability of each vacation apartment or VUT (ongoing cost optimization).
Gain greater control over costs, consumption, and payments for supplies or real estate assets.
Enjoy peace of mind: Bid farewell to firefighting, as we handle incidents on your behalf.
Reduce workload (invoice collection, tax declarations, etc.).
Save time on management tasks (enrollments, modifications, cancellations, claims, etc.).
Access all information from one centralized location.
Deduct the service cost from the rental.

if you manage but don't pay for basic supplies

Gain intelligence and control: Access data on costs, payments, and consumption.
Delegate incident management.
Avoid friction with your clients (calls about excessive consumption).
Foster customer loyalty with a more value-added proposition.
Attract new customers by making your offering more appealing.
Offer a higher margin of profitability (supply costs always optimized).
Trusted by vacation rental companies of all sizes:
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Our wealth of experience across diverse industries has allowed us to anticipate your queries.

How does the free trial work?

For a limited time, we're offering a one-month free trial with no obligations. This trial grants you access to the platform, an optimization analysis of your current contracts, and a dedicated account manager. After the trial period, you can decide whether to continue or opt out.

Is there any long-term commitment?

No, our clients aren't bound by any long-term contracts. They have the freedom to discontinue the service at their convenience. Our impressive retention rate of over 90% is solely based on the value our clients perceive in the service provided.

What's included in our pricing at Polaroo?

We've got a range of plans tailored to your asset volume and business needs.Our Hawking Plan is the epitome of comprehensive management for your supplies, offering a suite of benefits, such as:

- Automatic invoice digitization.
- Advanced data analytics.
- Reports with aggregated data.
- Contract analysis.
- Proactive cost optimization.
- Streamlined handling of activations/deactivations, changes, and incidents.
- Dedicated account manager.

Visit the Rates tab and explore all the services bundled with the Hawking Plan. Elevate your supply management game with Polaroo!

What features stand out?

The actual reading tool. It is useful for any company that wants to know what it consumes on a daily basis or during specific periods. Even if you are facing monthly consumption estimates due to not having a smart meter and constant misinformation about what you are paying. 

The advanced data analysis tool or calculator, which is used to understand costs and consumption by periods, properties and supplies in a disaggregated way. We leave you a video summary of how to use it here.

Concerned about data protection?

Fear not! Polaroo operates on a cutting-edge cloud-based solution with robust security measures. We're talking password encryption, automatic backups, and relentless threat monitoring.

If your question isn't covered here, reach out to us at
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Guaranteed ROI

Service Profitability Guarantee

Our service fees are covered solely by the time and money you save. If that's not the case, we'll credit you until it is.